Penta Associates

Penta Associates in Petoskey Michigan was founded in 1978 by Ted Boese, where Ted was able to grow the business into a 4 man shop by 1982, in 1984 Penta Associates founder, Ted Boese, set up a second location in Loxahatchee Florida, serving most of West Palm Beach, Sarasota and Naples Florida, while the primary location continued to grow under the guidance of Eric Boese. The primary location grew into an 8 man company, expanding the facility 3 times while purchasing new and more automated equipment to keep up with the increased demand of quality woodworking.


Penta Associates remains strong, continuously looking for new creative ideas and materials, pursuing a “green” and environmentally friendly outlook for the future.


Penta Associates in Loxahatchee Florida has been retired and owner Ted Boese retired to the Grand Rapids area. Eric Boese continues as owner of Penta Associates in Petoskey Michigan, overlooking all projects and jobs ongoing throughout the shop, maintaining a quality level designed to exceed client expectations.