Commercial Cutting and Carving

Penta Associates provides custom cabinetry and hand built furniture to designers, contractors, builders, architects, and homeowners. We also provide support to other cabinet shops within our area, some shops need additional labor or machinery that they don't have. We work closely with other shops to provide services and materials to the level they are expecting.

With the addition of a 3 axis CNC router from Thermwood, we can provide cutting, carving and sign making services that were not available in the Northern Michigan area until now.

Commercial Work

Commercial cabinetry, stations, and casework are fabricated at our location. We work under the Architects specifications, keeping timelines set by the builder to ensure that the client moves into their new office space in a timely manner. We provide job site measurements, shop drawings for architect approval, and job site installation instructions as needed. Delivery of cabinets and casework will take place all at the same time, or in staged levels, as needed, for actual move-in dates.

Custom Specialty Woodworking

Penta Associates is a custom woodworking shop, we also fabricate specialty items, such as one-offs for builders and other custom wood shops.